Iron man bodybuilder

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Height:  6.2
Weight:  330
Age:  32
Eyes:  brown
Hair:  brown
Sex:  str8
BodyType:  Bodybuil
Ethnic:  caucasian
Biceps:  25
Chest:  x huge 62"
Legs:  huge
Thigh:  33"
Calf:  21 inches
Ass Size:  xxx huge
Body Hair:  hairy
tatoos:  N
cut/uncut:  cut
strenght:  max Bench at 600lb
Waist:  34"
Fore arms:  19"
Body Fat:  10%

He is a superman, I met him at Venice beach, we went together to his bodybuilder competition where be become champion, he lifted me with one hand around the bedroom, then he made me love, I almost died of pleasure he is amazing, enjoy his movie now .