Italian Thunder Bodybuilder [Click on Title to play]

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Height:  6.1
Weight:  260lb
Age:  25
Eyes:  brown
Hair:  brown black
Sex:  straight
BodyType:  bodybuilder
Ethnic:  Caucasian (Italian)
Biceps:  22"
Chest:  huge 51 inches
Legs:  big
Thigh:  29"
Calf:  19"
Dick:  9,5"
Ass Size:  big
Body Hair:  some
strenght:  max bench press at 600lb
Waist:  32"
Fore arms:  15"
Body Fat:  6%

amazing Italian american bodybuilder , he is super strong , hung , sexy , young and delicious .A Calabrese stallion.I meet him in New York , what first call my attention was his huge shoulder ,back and bicep and that hot sexy south Italian face with this perfect natural tan and amazing smile .He is a dream man , and we have him with us to make all our muscle fantasies come true !