Italian Bodybuilder stripper [Click on Title to play]

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Height:  6.2"
Weight:  280 lb
Age:  28
Eyes:  blue
Hair:  black
Sex:  straight
BodyType:  bodybuilder
Ethnic:  Caucasian(Italian :mainly Etruscan -roman-Greek with a little or viking )
Biceps:  22"
Chest:  huge 53.0/125.46 cm
Legs:  big
Thigh:  29"
Calf:  18"
Dick:  9"
Ass Size:  huge muscle
Body Hair:  some hair-shaved
tatoos:  many
cut/uncut:  uncut
strenght:  max bench press at 780lb
Waist:  32"
Fore arms:  19"
Body Fat:  0.5%

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