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Height:  6.3
Weight:  340
Age:  42
Eyes:  brown
Hair:  brown
Sex:  str8
BodyType:  Bodybuil
Ethnic:  caucasia
Biceps:  25
Chest:  x huge 62"
Legs:  huge
Thigh:  33"
Calf:  21 inches
Ass Size:  xxx huge
Body Hair:  hairy
tatoos:  N
cut/uncut:  cut
strenght:  max Bench at 700lb
Waist:  34"
Fore arms:  19"
Body Fat:  10%

Hulk is real Hulk ,his shows and mvoies are not adult content , but just amazing muscle fantasy material from an professional fitness model ,actor, and Pro Bodybuilder, anyways you will love it ! there is not much to say , just see his picture , he is The muscle God alive ,is a bodybuilder king , he is so so huge , is full of muscle all over ,his hands are full of muscle too, he is giant man German , middle east descent , I find him in Hollywood, when I saw him I said to my friend , " this cant be real ,this guy is the most huge guy I never see on my life !!' I went to speak with him with little afraid , I mean nobody want make upset I such big muscle guy , ,when I was recording his video I was horny all the time watching his huge muscles, , huge legs , incredible huge biceps , he is a Giant bodybuilder !when I was wrestling with him felling all his body over me , was like to be in heaven ,this is muscle monster ,colossal ,man , also very nice person , he is a 100% straight man , you have too see his show and videos , I meant only are few of those freak muscle left on the planet , and he is a super hot freak one and he is also a pro bodybuilder , professional famous one winner of many award and record, and also one of the strongest man alive on the planet second guineas record.Note; since Hulck is a 100% not gay man , that it is why he is part of the home of the monster str8 bodybuilders.