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Height:  6.2
Weight:  280
Age:  21
Eyes:  blond
Hair:  blue
Sex:  str8
BodyType:  Bodybuil
Ethnic:  white
Biceps:  24
Chest:  x huge 62'
Legs:  huge
Thigh:  34"
Calf:  23.5 inches
Body Hair:  smooth
tatoos:  N
cut/uncut:  uncut
strenght:  max Bench at 700lb
Waist:  34"
Fore arms:  20"
Body Fat:  12%

Hercules is the ultimate muscle perfection .He is the pro bodybuilder Derek Duszynski, He is a mix between Paul Newman and Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is huge muscle god, perfect body , when I meet him at the gym , I was looking at him with out stop , he is like super star ,he is the new Arnold ,his body is amazing , his face ,eyes , belong to a God .He will lift any guy no matter the weight ,you will see his super power and how nobody at all can 't match him, he have the strength of 3 average man .