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We are huge community of gay muscle men , bodybuilders & bodybuilder fans ,we all have something in common, we love muscles,!We love bodybuilders, for that reason ,we got together & thank you our lieder, the great Claudio Cassinelli Muscle ,we created this amazing website , a union between CassinelliMuscle.com and many other muscle site ,in result  we got a place where we worship muscle men & we have the best muscle videos . Many of us ,are starring on the movies and member shows , we have a lot of fun doing this, if you share this muscle love passion ,contact us, be part of our "Muscle Cult" & also you can  be in our movies and get to meet face to face ,our  huge bodybuilders members !

You also can contact us and share your muscle fantasies  and we could make them true in our next movies .

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