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We are a huge community of gay muscle men: bodybuilders & fans of bodybuilder. We all have something in common: we love muscles! We love bodybuilders; for that reason we get together, and we created this amazing website with the most amazing muscle movie store.  Also with the help, support and love of our fans, and in association with Gayformuscle & facebook group "huge bodybuilders for gay men", our muscle dream finally came true!! We did a huge upgrade of CassinelliMuscle.com. As a beautiful result, we got virtual place where we can worship muscle men & we have the best muscle movies in our stream/download store. Many of us are starring in the movies and chatting in the member area. Now we have a lot of fun doing this: if you share this muscle love and passion, be part of our community, and you can be in our movies and meet face to face with our huge bodybuilders & members & models !!

You also can contact us and share your muscle fantasies, so we can make them come true in our next and future movies.

Also Follow us on Facebook, join our group: Huge Bodybuilders for gay men  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Gayformuscle/