Boy Donald

Height:  5.11"
Weight:  190"
Age:  19
Eyes:  green
Hair:  brown
Sex:  bi
BodyType:   athletic
Ethnic:  white
Biceps:  13"
Chest:  medium 42"
Legs:  big
Thigh:  23"
Calf:  17"
Dick:  8"
Ass Size:  huge
Body Hair:  hairy
tatoos:  some
cut/uncut:  cut
strenght:  max bench press at 295lb
Waist:  32"
Fore arms:  13"
Body Fat:  10%

Donald is from Missouri , he is 19 old , he does military service ,he have very sexy lips , and he enjoy a lot having sex ,his ass it is huge and amazing so his 8 inches dick .