Ivanchenko Muscle God [Click on Title to play]

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Height:  6.2
Weight:  260lb
Age:  23
Eyes:  honey
Hair:  blond
Sex:  straight
BodyType:  muscular
Ethnic:  Caucasian
Biceps:  20"
Chest:  big 49"
Legs:  big
Thigh:  30"
Calf:  19"
Dick:  8.5"
Ass Size:  huge
Body Hair:  some
tatoos:  2
cut/uncut:  uncut
strenght:  max bench press 420lb
Waist:  34"
Fore arms:  17"
Body Fat:  4%

On my last travel to Moscow, I met this big tall blond muscle god ,he is super strong ,he have huge bones structure ,he got big muscles ,pretty face ,super hung ,hot ass ,he is perfect and he is only 23 years old ! .He can make all your fantasies come true , he is handsome ,masculine ,strong and powerful ,enjoys his super hot movie , he will lift and crush every body and he will show his super hot muscle body .