Bodybuilder Muscle Champ

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Height:  5ft 7”/5ft 5”
Weight:  78KG
Age:  55
Eyes:  Brown
Hair:  Shaved
Sex:  Versatile
BodyType:  Bodybuilder
Ethnic:  White Caucasian
Biceps:  16.6”
Chest:  44”
Dick:  9"
Ass Size:  BubbleButt
Body Hair:  Shaved 100%
tatoos:  Bodybuilder Muscle Champ has Two Tribal
cut/uncut:  Uncut
strenght:  Bench record 160KG
Waist:  32
Body Fat:  5.1%

Spaniard hot bodybuilder champion, he got strong hot muscle and super big dick !. Bodybuilder Muscle Champ has almost 30 years experience in the fitness industry & also 20 years in the Male Adult Entertainment Industry. In the early 1990’s BMC appeared in several Straight Porn films, shot often on layovers in California.