The American Indian bodybuilder boy

Height:  6 fett
Weight:  240lb
Age:  23
Eyes:  brown
Hair:  black
Sex:  straight
BodyType:  Bodybuilder
Ethnic:   Amerindian
Biceps:  19 inches
Chest:  huge 56 ./134 cm
Legs:  Huge
Thigh:  34"
Calf:  22"
Ass Size:  big
Body Hair:  smooth
tatoos:  one
strenght:  max bench press at 900 lb
Waist:  30"
Fore arms:  17"
Body Fat:  0.1%

This young champion bodybuilder from Arizona reservation it is also a a wrestler , He is very strong , he is a really bones breaker when he is fighting he crush all his opponents . He have also a super hot boy , perfect huge chest and huge legs .Do not miss his shows and movies .