Leon Klen Beast

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Height:  6.1"
Weight:  280 lb
Age:  24
Eyes:  brown
Hair:  bronw
Sex:  straight
BodyType:  bodybuilder
Ethnic:  European ( Spanish )
Biceps:  22"
Chest:  big
Legs:  huge
Thigh:  33"
Calf:  21"
Dick:  8"
Ass Size:  huge muscle ass.
Body Hair:  some
tatoos:  2
cut/uncut:  uncut
strenght:  max bench press at 750 lb
Waist:  30"
Fore arms:  15"
Body Fat:  0.2%

Amazing huge hot young bodybuilder & wrestler from Spain, he is a real bull! .He is a Competitive Bodybuilder, ex Men’s Physique champion, interests, modeling, photography, also he is into in strong men competition, he loves lift cars, fuck hard. He has the work record of lift and fuck 34 gay guys for the Spanish university porn study and make the cum in less than 30 min.33 of the 34 subjects said that that was the best sex of their life .10 of 34 subjects were straights and 24 were only top . The study concluded that Leon has some animal attraction capable to make feel ultimate pleasure to anyone & have amazing super strong muscle body can push so hard his body and his wide dick inside the individual, that he can hyper-stimulate the prostate of those men, making constantly cum on average 3 times more than would they come normally. After this study, he starts giving internationals seminaries of anal penetration.