The Animal Boy

  • "The Animal bodybuilder from Romania " muscle worship,jerking off ,amazing huge muscles boy ! Buy Dwnld/Stream Play
Height:  6.1
Weight:  300lb out 275 competition
Age:  26
Eyes:  hazel
Hair:  brown
Sex:  straight
Dick:  8"
BodyType:  bodybuilder
Ethnic:  caucasian
Biceps:  24"
Chest:  huge 57"
Legs:  huge
Ass:  huge
Thigh:  37"
Calf:  24"
Body Hair:  shawed
tatoos:  some
strenght:  max bench press 800lb
Waist:  33
Fore arms:  19"
Body Fat:  out season 10% ,normally 2%

This is Raul a huge young bodybuilder from Rumania, he is freaking amazing, we called the animal due to his huge sizes amazing muscles, he doesn't look human , he really looks like some type of strong horse, his huge body is full of hard muscles, everything on him is so big, hard and delicious !