Giant Vincenzo

Height:  6"4
Weight:  360
Age:  24
Eyes:  blue
Hair:   black
Sex:  straight
BodyType:  Bodybuilder
Ethnic:  caucasion
Biceps:  24
Chest:  63"
Legs:  huge
Thigh:  35"
Calf:  23"
Body Hair:  hairy
strenght:  max Bench at 1100lb
Waist:  33"
Fore arms:  18"
Body Fat:  0.8%

huge gigantic Italian American young bodybuilder, he got a monster mass of huge muscles, when he get angry he crushes with his bare hand any guy since he have super strength. He gave me a demonstration for me and he crushed my camera guy with 2 fingers against the wall! Vincenzo is huge, hot & super dangerous, his arms are mortal weapons, if he left himself fall over you, you will be dead!For Copyright Infringement go to this link