The Colossal Bodybuilder [Click on Title to play]

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Height:  6"2
Weight:  344b
Age:  26 old
Eyes:  brow
Sex:  straight
BodyType:  Bodybuilder
Ethnic:  mix
Biceps:  24
Chest:  63"
Legs:  huge
Thigh:  39"
Calf:  24"
Dick:  10"
Ass Size:  huge
Body Hair:  some
tatoos:  some
cut/uncut:  uncut
strenght:  max Bench at 1300lb
Waist:  32"
Fore arms:  19"
Body Fat:  0.5%

Here we have this new model from 2020, named Alexander. Have you ever have a dream about finding the most huge & delicious perfect giant muscle man? I did have that dream, it was a premonition, days later walking in a horse ranch in Texas, I saw this gigantic monster working in the fields and I got so horny that I come back every day for 45 days until I got the opportunity to talk with him. We finally arrived to know each other and he started to work for me, one of the jobs was to show me his super strength, where he literally was able to lift my fridge over his head without any effort. After I saw that incredible demonstration of superhuman strength, I imagined what else he could do in videos, so now I have him making those amazing muscle domination videos, he is beyond being perfect, he has the hardest muscle body with a 10 " of manhood and bicep of the sizes of my head & a body that makes you cry!