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Height:  6.8"
Weight:  380lb (out season )
Age:  26
Eyes:  hazel
Hair:  dark brown
BodyType:  bodybuilder
Ethnic:  Caucasian
Biceps:  25"
Chest:  huge 63" in
Legs:  big
Thigh:  35"
Calf:  20"
Body Hair:  hairy
tatoos:  some
strenght:  max bench press at 750lb
Waist:  36"
Fore arms:  21"
Body Fat:  8%

He is a real giant huge bodybuilder from Athens, we choose him to starring the role of Hercules. After a long casting we decided that this huge tall specimen of 26 years old, 6'8" tall & 380lb was the perfect man to portrayed Hercules. He is extraordinary strong & handsome, he is fluent in many language, he grew up doing wrestling competition all over the world, he was wrestler champion at very young age. Since he was kid he enjoyed showing his strength he told me, with only 10 years old, he used to lift his mam and dad over each of his shoulder. Also he is an excellent boxer & have done body guard for many celebrities like Brittney Spear, there are some rumor that many celebrities wish that he take care of them 24/7. If is need it ,he can lifts on a bear hug 5 average man with out any problem at all, his arms are so long and strong. His body is extraordinary, each part of his body is powerful and super well developed, just like a god, just like a real Hercules, full of energy, he very passionate, straight forward, masculine, and nice .We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with him..