Titanium Kid

  • new-"The Muscle Dominator kid": The adventures Titanium a 18 year old bodybuilder in his effort to make skinny guys become stronger! Buy Dwnld/Stream Play
Height:  6 feet
Weight:  240lb
Age:  18
Eyes:   brown
Hair:   brown
BodyType:  muscular
Ethnic:  white
Biceps:  20"
Legs:  big"
Thigh:  32"
Calf:  25"
strenght:   max bench press at 450lb
Waist:  30"
Fore arms:  18"
Body Fat:  5%

He is a young American bodybuilder teen, only 18 old, he already won 4 time strong teen 's competitions, he is a wrestling champion, he is really a extraordinary boy. We hope you enjoy his movies, where he will be training and lifting many skinny men and even some other bodybuilders, his mission is to motivate another young men to become strong and powerful like him. Each day he is getting bigger, so you will be able to see his progress and how he get huge! Get his movies now!